UFOs: A Bird, a Plane, or the Plausible Alien?

Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: March 14, 2013
A bird, A Plane, or The Plausible Alien.
A little known tidbit about Aaron is that he loves the concept of extra-terrestrial life. The discovery of an extra-terrestrial species whether in intelligent form, or bacterial, would shift the philosophy and religion life as we know it, and I’m just waiting for the official NASA confirmation to shift non-believers; like democrats waiting for Politifacts to call Romney the biggest liar of the year. Originally I was going to write about the Tijuana drug trade, but I wanted to shift things up a bit, and hopefully this sparks some cognitive function! For a more then recorded amount of years, unidentified flying objects have graced the night skies, and have been the greatest cause for conspiracy and mystery I can think of. The topic is extreme in depth, and can’t be covered in 100 papers, especially just this one. So with all persuasion aside, the other night my aunt from Bakersfield called me knowing of my alien fascination. She went on to tell me all about these strange lights Duke, the dog, has been barking at for the past week! It shocked me once she described them as dancing, unpredictable, sky candles, and I urged her to let me know every time she see sees them. She laughed uncontrollably and wished me a goodnight. I was sure she was just yankin’ my chain, and there were no such lights. Today I went ahead and searched to see if maybe anybody else in the Bakersfield, California were experiencing the objects. The first video to come up on YouTube was a news report, only a day old, of the incident in Bakersfield described in detail! I couldn’t have been more excited! I haven’t been able to reach her since, but I know that when I do, it will be an interesting conversation.

But to think of this whole UFO scene as a current event would be blasphemous to UFOlogists. The EXACT scene my aunt has witnessed in the sky has taken place in multiple states, regions, and areas of the entire world, for longer than recordable times,...
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