Ufone Complaint

Topics: Bank, Question, Cheque Pages: 3 (1166 words) Published: January 19, 2014
DAY 1 (21-11-2013)
It is regret to inform you that on 21st Nov 2013 at 9:45 am I was called by branch manager(Khurshid Ahmed)on ptcl number (02136370204) for the confirmation of cheque Rs 750000 for clearing which was rejected by me as it was not issued by me. After that I visited branch for the enquiry about the cheque which was not issued by me but branch manager refused to show me any detail. Instead manager asked me to show cheque books to verify whether it was misused from cheque books which I had. But manager didn’t find any cheque series from chequebooks I had. After that manager also ask me about Rs.85000 and Rs.50000 cheque cashed on 20th Nov 2013, this transaction was also done without my knowledge and consent. But sooner manager asked cheque book issue officer(Mehdi) for information about my cheque book .cheque book officer replied that it was issued on 18 Nov 2013.Than I ask question to cheque book officer(Mehdi) that how can you issue cheque book to unauthorized person even knowing me personally he(Mehdi) replied that you issued a lot of cheque book continuously than I asked question to manager that if he can remember the event before two year that how it’s possible that he forget my face two day before and issue my cheque book to unauthorized person. Manager was not interested to answering my question or asking any question to cheque book officer. After that manager asked me to write an application to stop cheque series from cheque book issued on 18 Nov 2013 as per bank Policy. After receiving application manager told me that your account is freeze now it’s safe from misused. And told me that come in evening for further discussion about the event .After that I went with my friend to saddar. Around 5:00 pm manager call me to come along with all cheque books I had, since I was in saddar I called my father to go to bank with all cheque book and I will join you soon. Before I reached branch with my friend my father was tortured, traumatized(by...
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