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TFC is sole fashion channel.
TFC has loyal customers, which they have to retain.
TFC is currently in profits, which is above industry growth average. TFC comes into basic package for cable customers, though it is for niche customers.

TFC lacks segmented market and the positioning strategy.
Male viewership is low, which acts as a deterrent.
Women between 35-54 are their avid viewers, but unable to capture 18-34 market.

By targeting high value viewers it can substantially grow its advertisement revenue. They have to understand changing mindset of the viewers

CNN and Lifetime are giving cut throat competition .
CNN has already increasing male viewership.
Lifetime is attracting younger female demographics.
According to Alpha research TFC scores low than its competition in various factors. With less appealing packages TFC may be dropped from basic packages.

5 C's

The Fashion Channel(TFC) is only channel dedicated solely dedicated to Fashion, with up to date information broadcast 24 hours per day, all year. It has experienced constant revenue and profit growth above industry average.

The channel is most available niche network, reaching 80 million households. Women viewers between 35-54 are its most avid users. Its 61% users are females.

TFC is positioned as basic channel among all cable operators. Its fees gives $80 Million annual revenue to TFC. TFC tries to maintain good equilibrium with cable operators.

TFC's major competition is from Lifetime and CNN, who have launched fashion specific programs. With broader viewership, both attract young and male viewers. They have higher ratings than TFC on consumer interest in viewing.

TFC though has been generating huge revenues but now faces stiff competition from CNN and Lifetime, which may affect their advertisement revenues. It currently lacks interest of young female...
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