Types of Service Providers in the U.S.

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Unit 2 Assignment 1 Service Provider Types
RBOCS is a breakup of AT&T when the United States filed a suit against them for antitrust issues. In January 1984, AT&T split up into several independent companies, which are being called “Baby Bells”. To name a few of the companies that consist of the RBOCS AT&T, Verizon, and Century Link. RBOCs was important because if they didn’t break up then they would run the entire telecommunications of most of the world. It would be a monopoly and that’s not something we or the world would want. ILEC is a local telephone company in the U.S that was in existence at the time of the breakup of AT&T in the RBOCs. It’s a former Bell system or independent telephone company responsible for providing local telephone exchange services in a specified geographic area. ILECs compete with competitive local exchange carriers or CLECs. Some companies are Telus, SaskTel, MTS Allstream, Bell Canada Enterprises, and Aliant. ILEC is a local telephone company. Its importance would be to make sure the other telephone providers keep the pricing and service fair for all customers. Without having a battle over pricing and service, the top telephone company could increase prices that customer would have to pay because there wouldn’t be anyone to compete with them. CLEC is a telecommunications provide company, sometimes called a carrier, competing with other, already established carriers, generally the local exchange carriers or ILECs. A data local exchange carrier or DLEC is a CLEC specializing in DSL services by leashing lines from the ILEC and reselling them to Internet service providers or ISPs. CLEC is needed because there are two types of internet providing methods, one is DSL and the other is through a co-axis cable. Again like in the ILEC, companies need other companies to compete with each other. But in this case, some homes don’t have the proper wiring for a DSL or a co-axis cable internet provider. So having a second option is a must...
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