unit 2 assignment 1 service provider types

Topics: Incumbent local exchange carrier, Internet service provider, Regional Bell Operating Company Pages: 2 (316 words) Published: September 22, 2014

RBOC stands for Regional Bell Operating Company. RBOC’s are a direct result of the 1984 anti-trust suit against AT&T. when AT&T was split up; they formed several different regions of phone service companies in our country. They are commonly known as the local phone companies and can double as a long distance provider if needed. It continues to handle the local phone lines that people still have at home. ILEC stands for Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier. They were the phone companies that were in business when the telecommunications act of 1996 was enacted. They were also the original groups of RBOC’s from the 1984 AT&T anti-trust suit. They also maintain the local phone lines from the past. CLEC is a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier. They were the new companies that formed after the Telecommunications act of 1996. They don’t own any of the already in place equipment and must either build or rely on ILECs. Some CLECs have found a huge profit in working for businesses and government facilities. New competition for the ILECs to vary up the market. MSO stands for Multiple Systems Operator. This is what a Cable and Satellite company is also called. A couple of examples are Comcast and Time Warner. They normally provide many products over there system. Most of the country’s home entertainment relies on these companies. ISP is an Internet Service Provider. These companies sell internet access to their customers. They also provide equipment and user account information to access it. AT&T and Verizon are examples of ISPs. Access to the internet in today’s world is imperative. Sources

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