Types of Friends

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Types of Friendship

As a young adult I met people that came in my life still, I continue to meet people and form different types of relationship. However, I only have three tiers of friendship. Some of the relationships continue today and others faded as I aged. On tier one these people are who I classify as friends that are acquaintances. My acquaintances are people that I stay in contact with occasionally, and see rarely. Although I do not communicate with my tier-one friends on a daily basis I do however give my support in their personal endeavors, and events. It’s a good thing that I only have a few of these friends that I call acquaintances. For example, I have a friend back home that only call me to get information on my brother-in-laws or to ask about a man. This is a problem for me. I still consider her a friend since she has not done anything to harm out friendship; however, I limit my communications with her. When I go back home to visit Alabama and bump into her, only then will I carry on a conversation with her to show respect. Needless to say, I probably do not trust these friends anymore that a rat trusts a cat. On tier two, I classify these friends as associates. These are people that I work with and see on a daily basis, or people I see at church on a weekly basis. On this tier my friends and I may spend time together socially. These friends and I do not have much in common other than areas of work, school, and church. However, due to social event I may spend a little quality time. For example, on this friendship tier one friend caused me to get in trouble with the law. We were going to the mall with our children and unknowingly she had illegal drugs in her procession when the police stopped us. On tier three, I classify these friends as family because we share a bond. These are friends that I talk to on a daily basis. I she intimate details about my life with my tier-three friends. On this friendship tier I spend quality time building,...
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