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A chronological CV focusses on presenting the candidate's experience on an employer by employer basis, with the posts being listed in reverse chronological order. It also contains detail of education and qualifications, together with hobbies. Some chronological CVs also contain a brief personal statement at the front which sets out the key skills and strengths of the candidate. This is the most common type of CV. How to structure a chronological CV

A chronological CV typically uses the following structure:
Personal details (i.e. name and contact details)
Personal profile or career objectives. This should not exceed 5 lines. Employment in reverse chronological order. Under each employer, you should set out a number of bullet points which describe your key achievements. In order to be fully effective, you should ensure that you use power words. Key qualifications

Professional memberships
Hobbies and personal interests
Particularly useful for those applying within the same industry as it will demonstrate your career progression. It is the favourite format for most employers, who simply want to get a feel for your career to date. If you do not have many achievements across your career, taking a job by job approach will save you having a separate "Achievements" section (characteristic of Functional CVs) which may look tiny. Disadvantages

If you have gaps in your employment which you would rather not discuss, a chronological CV will make them more obvious. If you are changing career direction, a chronological CV will add little information to your new employer, who will be more concerned about the transferable skills that you are bringing rather than the detail of your experience in an unrelated sector. Unlike a chronological CV, a functional CV places the emphasis on your skills and expertise rather than the chronology of you employment to date. How to structure a chronological CV

A functional CV typically starts with a personal...
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