Two Articles on International Business Relationship

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Two articles on international business relationship

The economic resource in the world is limited; however, the demand for the people is unlimited. The people have to make economic decisions in order to allocate the resource in the world efficiently to maximize their needs. In order to use the economic resource effectively, people are required to increase the productivity to reach the desire in the society. In the view point of international business, a better resource allocation is carried out, if the nations can use their excess to change what they needed. And it is the reason of the national trading between each country. In order to improve scarcity of the economic resource, globalization is one of the approaches to use the economic resource efficiency and education to the general public is also increased availability of economic resource in the future. In this essay, the analysis is separated into four parts including introduction to two article related to international business, analyze how the implication mentioned in article affect on the general public and implying the international business knowledge to critical the effects.

The article “Global Market Overview” mentions the investment changed in the worldwide. It also related to the facts of globalization, global investments, world trading and economic system implications. The article is analyzed the global market in the form of stock changing and financial performance. (Christine Gaylican 2012) The article also divided the global to four areas including America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the rest of the world. Moreover, the numeric data and the change in performance of the global also presented in the article. The other article “Crawford County partnership links education, economic development” states the importance of education to the future economic development in the world. The article noticed that good education is not only benefit to a single company or group of people, it benefit to the rest of the world. (Crawford County partnership links education, economic development )The article also points out the programs of the educational authority to maintain a sustainable future program for obtaining potential workforce. The two articles are all related to the international business area for how the world is benefit by the trading and sustainable growth on education system. And the effect on the economic system development is also mentioned in the article.

The article “Global Market Overview” has the relationship between the growth of economy and globalization, and the implications can be separated for Australia government, Australia businesses and multinational corporate. (Anthony Conchel 2012) First of all, while the governments can semi-control the Australia economy by the monetary policy and fiscal policy, the global change of economy performance also affecting the government reaction in Australia. The centre bank in Australia is keeping an open market operation on the monetary policy, so the currency exchange is depended on the foreign demand in the currency market. While the global export and import rate are always determinate by the economy performance of others nations, the demand of Australia currency is depended on the net export rate. If the global economic is expanding, a higher demand of Australia products with appreciate the Australia currency. Alternatively, if the global economic is in recession, the demand of Australia goods is decreased and the currency is depreciated. Therefore, the global economic performance is affecting the gross domestic product of Australia and the reaction of Australia government is necessary to adjust the Australia economy to potential output in equilibrium. Secondly, the Australia businesses are also related to the global performance changed by the fluctuation on pricing of the products. It is because the domestic consumers are not the only determinant of a local company. While some of the domestic companies are...
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