Tutorial: Software Project Management

Pages: 4 (586 words) Published: March 22, 2011
Tutorial 3
1. What is software project management (SPM)?
-Concerned with activities involved in ensuring that software is delivered on time and on schedule and in accordance with the requirements of the organisations developing and procuring the software.

2. List out the management activities in SPM

* Proposal writing
* Project planning and scheduling
* Project costing
* Project monitoring and reviews
* Personnel selection and evaluation
* Report writing and presentations

3. List out the project plan structure

i. Introduction
ii. Project organisation
iii. Risk analysis
iv. Hardware and software resource requirements
v. Work breakdown
vi. Project schedule
vii. Monitoring and reporting mechanisms

4. What is risk management?
* Risk management is concerned with identifying risks and drawing up plans to minimise their effect on a project.

5. List and briefly describe the risk management process

* A risk is a probability that some adverse circumstance will occur. * Project risks affect schedule or resources
* Product risks affect the quality or performance of the software being developed * Business risks affect the organisation developing or procuring the software

6. What is Cocomo?
* The COCOMO (COstructive COsting MOdel) is an empirical model based on project experience * Well-documented, ‘independent’ model which is not tied to a specific software vendor

7. List out the 3 level in Cocomo 2.
* Early prototyping level
* Estimates based on object points and a simple formula is used for effort estimation * Early design level
* Estimates based on function points that are then translated to LOC * Post-architecture level
* Estimates based on lines of source code

Tutorial 4

1. List and briefly describe the types of requirements and who are they written for? * User requirements
* Statements in natural language...
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