Tupac Shakur: an Analysis of " Changes"

Topics: Tupac Shakur, Black people, African American Pages: 3 (946 words) Published: September 19, 2011
Tupac Shakur: An Analysis of " Changes"

Tupac shakur was a famous song rapper in the American history, often known bye 2Pac his stage name. He was born on the June 16th, 1971 in New York City to a Black Panther activist woman named Afeni Shakur. His birth name was Lesane Parish Crooks, which later was changed by his mother to Tupac Shakur. Tupac is an inca Indian word meaning "shining serpent" . His last name Shakur, is Arabic meaning “thankful to God,” it was a very common name in the New York branch of the Black Panther clan. He grew up in East Harlem a saction of Manhatten, New York. Tupac's rough life started way before he was born. His mother didn't tell him anything about his dad apart from this that she never knew him. Tupac thought his father was dead .he only met his father when he was shot and woke up at the hospital, there was a man who was his lookalike and that's when he found out who his real dad was. But even after that they didn't become close. During his childhood he always felt as if he didnt fit anywhere. His family moved from place to place and he had no friends. He had a mental disorder and his doctor told him to write his thoughts down to get them out in the open as it would help him get better. So he started to write a diary. During writing his diary he began to write poems and song lyrics. That's how he got into music. His professional entertainment career began in 1991. He had many hit records such as " Changes, all eyes on me, How do you want it, California Love” etc.

Tupac's lyrics always went deep into the meaning of many political and social subjects. His Lyrics also reflected his many sides, some of his lyrics were motivated by love, some seeking to understand himself better and others by the cruel injustices of America and society. In his Changes lyrics he gives an inside look on the social problems afflicting African-Americans and suggests possible resolutions. This song is about the racial issues on the streets. The first...
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