Topics: 1948 Tucker Sedan, Automobile, Tucker: The Man and His Dream Pages: 2 (997 words) Published: October 15, 2014
Tucker: the man and his dream
Preston Tucker is a man persists in doing what he believes is right even thousands of barriers appear. The movie narrates the story of Preston Tucker who invents and manufactures the "car of the future", " Tucker Torpedo". This car features rear engine, disc brake, windshield, seat belt and other unique parts that existing cars don't include. Since the car is innovative, the demand is beyond the imagination of current market. The more popular the car is, the severer the challenge Trucker has to face. The government starts to play role of interrupter. At the stage of design, the government of Detroit refuses to supply clay and steels which both of them are the main materials to manufacture cars. Even the Senator refuses to talk with Tucker and warns him if he continues, the government would cut off all resources. The board of director of Tucker Company also doubts his ability of manufacturing the car and allocation of money, so they take the whole control of the company and modify the design of the car while Tucker is on a publicity campaign. The board of director believes that front engine is more feasible and elimination of seat belt is more persuasive for customers, since seat belts represent unsafe cars at that time. The price of the car is also doubled due to the scarcity of steels. Tucker finally realizes the difficulties he is facing and decided to produce his own Tucker separately. The engine he used is transformed from the old engine of helicopter from a aircraft company. On the day of testing, the car is being drove for 24 hours non stop, and it could even function properly after a serious accident. While everyone is celebrating the success. Undercover agent has already reported to the Senator, Homer Ferguson. The Big Three feel threatened and envy the success of Tucker. In order to prevent Tucker, the Big Three make an alliance with the government, and the Senator discloses fake information about...
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