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Topics: Family, Grandparent, Accept Pages: 2 (314 words) Published: April 15, 2015
To set our house in order paragraph

Constantly perplexed by her grandmother’s insistence to maintain order and tradition, Vanessa struggles to accept both her new home and her grandmother’s nostalgic behaviour. While experiencing fear and uncertainty as her mother goes through a difficult pregnancy, Vanessa is at odds with her Grandmother, a woman who is at odds with herself with the changes that the depression has brought into her life. Although they are separated by time as the oldest and youngest in the household, they are similar in that because of their respective ages, neither are capable or willing to accept shifts in their own realities. However, in the eyes of Grandmother Macleod, Vanessa herself symbolizes a change. Representing a new generation, Vanessa upsets the delicate balance of the only setting, where Grandmother Macleod is able to relish in and savour her past, that she has meticulously created throughout her years. Vanessa, on the other had, cannot comprehend her grandmother’s stiffness and excessively proper demeanour, feeling alienated by the plethora of relics in Grandmother Macleod’s house. So much so, that she notes. “the Macleod house never felt like home to [her]”. Engulfed by a stifling house mirroring Grandma Macleod’s desperation to maintain tradition and her old-fashioned ways, a youthful, playful, and innocent Vanessa stands stark in contrast. Rather than providing comfort as a home should, the house isolates Vanessa, who must always be wary whenever entering its threshold. Due to Grandmother Macleod’s pretentious and vigilant watch over her house to maintain its order, Vanessa is forbidden entry into many rooms. Vanessa, confounded by this concept, yearns to bring change to the Macleod house so that it may transform into a more warm and welcoming home better suited for her youthful nature. However, her grandmother’s adamant insistence to main tradition and order, prompts Vanessa’s strong sense of isolation and confusion in the...
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