Truth Be Told

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-Charley is Terry’s older brother and also the right hand man for friendly. Charley is described as both dedicated, trustworthy and has a good head for figures. (Meaning: He’s good at using numbers and digits, mainly for the purpose of counting money) Charley walks around in an expensive camel-hair coat that sparks mockery and derision from the longshoremen. Even though Charley is so central in the smooth running (Meaning: something that runs smoothly and efficiently) of the union activities, he is self effacing (doesn’t want attention) and meek in the relations with Johnny Friendly. As the film progresses, the viewers perceive how Charley priorities and values change. When Terry becomes targeted by the mob, charley becomes conflicted between his loyalty to friendly and his brother. Charley eventually chooses to side with terry and as a result, he knowingly signs his death sentence because of his betrayal towards Friendly. Charley’s sacrifice’s demonstrates that it is never too late to amend past mistakes and change yourself for the better, especially for family. [PAUSE}

TERRY:   “You don’t understand. I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been someone, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let’s face it . . . It was you, Charlie.”

Terry says this to Charlie at the end of the profoundly intimate taxicab conversation. This scene in the back of the cab stands out because of the genuineness of the love Terry and Charley revealed to each other. The waterfront is a place full of fear, moral compromise and misplaced loyalty and trust, but this moment of clarity is where we see that the brothers kind of ‘find each other again’. Charlie, who cares deeply for his brother but hasn’t looked out for him properly, allows himself to deny the reason for Terry’s failed boxing career. He condemns mistakenly the rotten trainer who supposedly mismanaged Terry’s skills. But in truth, Charlie’s association with Johnny...
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