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Skin Cancer Case Studies
Finding suspicious moles or skin cancer early is the key to treating skin cancer successfully.Examining yourself is usually the first step in detecting skin cancer. You are a family physician and you have a few patients coming in to have their moles observed. For each patient use the ABCD chart to identify whether the mole is suspicious. Write a summary in the space provided, answering the following:

1. Is there a possibility the mole is cancerous and why/why not?

2. What is your advice to the patient for this mole? (none, proper sun care, removal, etc.)

Patient 1 Information
The patient is a 73-yr.-old Caucasian male with fair skin who has had 3 melanomas removed in the past 2 years. He is a self-confessed beach bum since his youth. The mole is located on his right shoulder and is 7 mm in diameter. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________-11429938100

Patient 2 Information
The patient is a 69-yr.-old Caucasian female with fair skin. She has recently moved to the U.S. and this is the first time she has had this mole examined. It has been developing since she was in her late teens. It is located on her left cheek and is 23 mm in diameter. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________125730028575

Patient 3 Information
The patient is a 34-yr.-old Hispanic male. He has lived in Brazil for most of his life, and moved to the U.S. last year. He would like the mole looked at since it was...
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