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Emphasis should be placed on work practice and classroom discussions in these classes. A component of Contemporary Studies may be correlated with SUPW. Work practice will include one main craft or equivalent service and at least one subsidiary craft or equivalent service. MAIN CRAFTS/SERVICES (i) Health and Hygiene Growing medical plants; eradication communicable diseases; paramedical service. (ii) Food Agro-industries; kitchen gardening; compost culture; crop and seed production; repair of farm implements; soil conservation and desert control; horticulture; animal husbandry and dairying; bee keeping; poultry farming; fish culture; bakery; confectionery; cooking. (iii) Shelter Pottery; Masonry work; Workshop practice (mechanical); Workshop practice (electrical); Workshop practice (electronics); Cane and bamboo work; House-craft; Blacksmithy; Foundry work; Carpet weaving. (iv) Clothing Production of cotton; wool; silk and other fibres; Weaving; Dressmaking; Knitting; Hosiery work; Embroidery work; Dress designing; Leatherwork. (v) Cultural and Recreational Making toys and puppets; Making and repairing musical instruments; Making games material; Printing; Bookbinding; Making stationery; Photography. of SUBSIDARY CRAFTS/SERVICES (i) Health and Hygiene Cleanliness of the neighbourhood, well and pond and the disposal of garbage; construction of toilet facilities and compost pits; making tooth picks, tooth powder; soap; detergents; disinfectants; first aid boxes; construction of wastepaperbaskets; dustbins; garbage cans; brooms; brushes; cobweb cleaners; dusters; mops, etc.; detection of adulteration. (ii) Food Distribution of fertilisers and insecticides; processing and preservation of food; hydroponics; mushroom culture; khandsari, gur and candy making; catering; making jam; jelly, squashes, pickles, bari and papad, etc.; packing food; marketing. (iii) Shelter Home, village and town-planning. Lac culture. Renovation and effecting minor repairs in buildings, fittings, furniture and household articles. Decorating the home; gardening; surface decoration; interior decoration; construction of decorative pieces; plaster of Paris work; chalk and candle making; making limestone. (iv) Clothing Spinning of different fibres; Dyeing and printing; Repair of garments; Laundry work. (v) Cultural and Recreational Stagecraft; making costumes; holding exhibitions.


Further Suggestion on Socially Useful Productive Work: Given below is an indication of how Socially Useful Productive Work can be combined with the 'sixth subject' to be offered in the ICSE examination: Allied Subject Craft - Socially Useful Productive Work 1. Art (i) Pottery work (ii) Sculpture: any medium (iii) Weaving: any medium (iv) Block printing, screenprinting, batik, tie and dye, etc. on any material. (v) Embroidery. (vi) Puppet or marionette making. (vii) Printing from original wood or lino block. 2. Technical Drawing (i) Woodwork or Metal work. Applications 3. Home Science (i) Laundry Work or Practical Cookery or Care of a House. (i) Practical Cookery. (i) Needlework and Dressmaking. (i) Vocal, Instrumental, Tabla,

to select one main craft and one subsidiary service OR one main service and one subsidiary craft per year of preparation for the examination, i.e. Class IX and X. 2. Internal Assessment The Internal Assessments will consist of assessment in (a) Socially Useful Productive Work (b) Community Service. The work undertaken by the candidates during the two-year preparation period in each will be assessed and marked out of 50. From these assessments they will be placed in an order of merit list giving them marks out of a total of 100. The Council reserves the right to call for the records of the candidates' work. 3. Socially Useful Productive Work (i) This will be taken to mean work practice in a main or subsidiary craft. In contrast to community service it implies the making of articles...
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