Child Labour

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“A Project Report of Environmental Education Submitted to the Principal of Gangadhar Meher Junior College, Sambalpur for the session 2009-10”


_______________Md. Sultan
Lect. In Environmental Education+2 1st Year Arts.
G.M. Junior College, SambalpurRoll No – Sec – ‘ ’


To prepare a status report on the prevalence of child labour in a given area.


Child labour is a evil, and unsocial crime. Which is a stamp of our India because of large traffic of child labours, children’s are said to be the future of the country and they should be challenging for all problems so that, the country can develop but now-a-days, for this curse they hate the rules of the country & the love and affection for their country is gradually decreasing. And it has been increasing, its area by day to day and it becomes has reached to 14% to 16% in 2007.



❖ Prevalence of child labour into given area through a simple survey on domestic children. ❖ Study about the socio-economic reasons and effects to made them labourer.


This study should be completed by surveying a famous and particulars area for collecting a complete data. I surveyed a selecting area of Bhatara near Rice Mill and bus stand of Sambalpur. As it is vast populated area so it is easy to interview the labourers and predict the data for a clear information. So after selecting the area or ward most essential, paper, pen, notebook, pencil is required.


This study was conducted in a randomly selected ward i.e. ward No. 1 of Sambalpur Municipality. Exhaustive study taking adequate required simple can’t be conducted because of limitation of time. So it is restricted tone to two award with 150 nos. households. I started my survey from 21.10.07 to 26.10.07 to collect a clear data about the prevalence. In this survey I interviewed some children (about 10) within the age of 14 years at different commercial working places and point out the cause, essentiality and needs to join in that devil work and I also collected data about their family conditions, family members, father’s occupation, daily income, physical, economical and educational condition, and also interviewed that if they want to continue this work or want to go to school. The behavior of the owner on his/her parents and also about the earning member of their house and most fact point that if their parents are the person to join them in that job.


Child is an asset to the society who wants some love, affection, kindness, support of their elders and guidance to grownup. They are the later future of the India. The welfare of society or country is closely related to the welfare of child. Before discussing about other country, we should take accounts into the condition of our India. After predicting of judgment of Supreme Court on 10th December, 1986 to prevent this devil work, our India is famous as the largest work force country in al over the world. According to the population exploration, this devil work has rooted deep in our India. It is coming on a view of reporter that children are involving in many commercial work like industrial factory, at house, garage, dhaba, hotels and so on. And it has been reported that they want to be self-employed as Beedi makers, polishing vessels, crackers, rugs and mostly as domestic workers for their own survival and some where for their family. After predicting of law now also 50 million children are treated as labour. This has already spreaded at every nook and corner of India. Now the Indian condition is very pathetic. So recently Indian Government has recommended some rules but after in my survey I have pointed out a lot of child...
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