Trigger Events of the Civil War: Important Questions

Topics: Compromise of 1850, American Civil War, Slavery in the United States Pages: 1 (690 words) Published: November 2, 2014
Use your textbook or map book to complete the following activity. Slave States / Free States - Choose two colors (colored pencils) and shade all the slaves states as of 1820 one color and all the free states as of 1820 another color. Make a dark solid line (black) to show the Missouri Compromise line. Use the same colors that you used in 1 to shade in the territories where slavery was allowed or prohibited. (Slave State Allowed Territory / Free State Prohibited Territory) Create a key in the blank box. True or False - write true next to each statement that is true. Correct all false statements making them true. ________ Pennsylvania was a free state in 1820. ________According to the Missouri Compromise, slavery would be prohibited in the Michigan Territory and permitted in the Arkansas Territory. ________In 818, the slave states held most of the seats in the Senate. ________The Missouri Compromise allowed slavery in the Michigan Territory. ________Florida Territory was slave territory because it was sout of the latitude 3630. ________Most of the Louisiana Purchase was south of the Missouri Compromise line. Map 46 The Compromise of 1850 Use your textbook or map book to complete the following activity. Locate each area below on your map and label it with its name and the letter of the description. Two territories that could chose to become slave states through popular sovereignty according to the Compromise of 1850. First territory from the Mexican Cession to ask for admission to the nation. Territory set aside for Indians. Territory divided at the 49th parallel in an agreement with Britain. Locate and label the remainder of the states and territories outlined on the map. Make a solid line (black) showing the Missouri Compromise line. Shade each of the following areas using different colors to represent the three. Free States and territories in 1850 (no slavery) Slave States and territories in 1850 Territories open to slavery by popular...
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