Triangle Bridge Over Water Essay

Topics: Sculpture / Pages: 5 (1083 words) / Published: Jun 27th, 2015
After taking a trip to the Laumeier Sculpture Park, one of the works of art that stood out was the unique “Triangle Bridge Over Water” sculpture. This art was created by Dan Graham in 1990. Dan Graham was born on March 21, 1942 in Urbana, Illinois (Jeannette 1). As an artist his main works focused on video art, mirrors, and architecture. Which some of these focuses can be especially brought out in the “Triangle Bridge Over Water” work.
One example of this is the architecture of the bridge. There is an art and science behind how the design of the bridge was laid out. It had to be sturdy enough to be more than just art but to be able to support people using it as a bridge. To be able to support the weight of people using it the bridge had to sit on a steel support frame above the water. Then the parts holding on the tinted mirrored windows are made out of a light aluminum, most likely to cut down on the weight. This brings out another aspect to what Dan’s main focus was as an artist. He tends to use mirrors in many of his projects and this would be one of them. Although these are not traditional mirrors they do represent a mirror like object, in this case a mirrored plastic. These mirrors in his
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The biggest achievement from the Civil Rights Movement would have to be equality and new opportunities for African Americans. That newly acquired right became the solid structure to what would eventually form what America has become today. In a similar way that is what the design of the “Triangle Bridge Over Water” sculpture symbolizes. The steel base the triangle bridge sits on is very strong and without it the structure could not hold its own weight or the weight of the users. Just as how the Civil Rights Movement became to solid base for our country the steel base became the solid base for Dan’s

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