Tree of Memories (Short Story)

Topics: Time, Lost Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: April 29, 2013
The Tree of Memories
With the Sun carefully loosening its grip, a beautiful sunset ended another day as the fading light fill the scrawling clouds with the golden color of red and yellow. However, this beauty meant very little to one person. Standing on a hilltop that overlooked his former high school, there was one thing that crowded Ben's mind and he desperately wanted it to vanish. He wasn't even sure why he had come this way, his legs taking him to that place full of happiness and painful memories.

The memories began as a swirl and picked up speed to come screaming at him. Ben’s mind automatically fled, sinking down deep to escape. The stillness surrounding him gave way to painful questions and the answers gave way to unshakable shame and pain. Was he just as self centered and careless now as he was then? The regretful memories continued to haunt him as he sat under the tree they last saw each other. As he made his decision, they drew in close and where he had always seen them as though through a hazy lens, they came into focus with clarity. Again the urge to run flared up but it was too late and he was dragged on a tour of his unforgettable past.

The letter of apology in his hands started it all. There was Lilly at her locker at the end of the hallway. And there was Margaret walking towards him. His head was full of mixed emotions he wanted to get rid of. Ben then realized he was centered by two girls he loved. He loved Lilly. She was his very first love. However, Margaret has always been the girl he liked ever since elementary school. His chance of being with his dream girl had finally come. But Lilly on the other hand had always been the loyal and sweet girlfriend who has done nothing but be the girlfriend Ben could ever ask for. Seeing Lilly walk away from their special tree was what ended the flashback. Ben thought it was the end of it. A couple of years after marriage, Margaret and Ben never had a day without arguing which led them to divorce....
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