Topics: Trebuchet, Medieval weapons, Ballista Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: May 6, 2013
A trebuchet is a machine designed using essentially the natural forces of gravity, centrifugal force, and leverage to perform unique engineering “hurling” magic the trebuchet was used in the middle evil times and they also use a trebuchet in the national pumpkin chucking contest that they have every year in Bridgeville DE. The trebuchet has a weight, swing arm, pivot, sling bag, sling release, sling lines, and a platform. In the middle evil times they were used to kill enemies in wars and they were also used to protect the castles. During the medieval times they used the trebuchet to throw stones, sharp wooden poles and darts, fire, casks of burning tar, burning sand, pots of Greek fire, dung, dead, sometimes mutilated ,bodies, disease ribbon bodies, body parts, dead animals, any rotten matter, and quicklime. Building a trebuchet required the design and the building skills. The trebuchet was used in the medieval times (1066 -1500s). The trebuchet was not the only weapon used in the medieval times they also used battle axes, throwing axes, billhook, long bow, the butts, daggers, halberd, mace, warhorse, pole weapons, war hammer, the axe, bow and arrow, caltrops, Crossbow, flail jousting lance, pike, pole axe and the spear. They also had many other siege weapons and siege warfare and they were the medieval catapults, ballista battering ram, mangonel, Siege tower siege warfare, siege weapons, siege weapons design, under siege, and siege weapons design.The trebuchet is similar to the catapult and it is also different some ways that they are different is the trebuchet slings the stone of fireballs, a catapult doesn’t sling and it doesn’t carry as much weight. Trebuchets have weights which are dropped to counterweight the load and throw it. Catapults use something elastic or bend the arm to fire. The word trebuchet is derived from the old French word trebucher meaning to throw over. In England they used the trebuchet that was also known as the ingenun from the...
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