Topics: Potential energy, Energy, Kinetic energy Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Experimental Procedure

The best way to start an experiment is to ask a question. Our question is, “What is a trebuchet?” In answering this question, we will investigate nearly every aspect of a trebuchet, including but not limited to history, design, build, and theory. Our experiment was started with the help of a packet which contained much of this information, therefore the only thing that needed to be completed was the design and build, and the work that follows-testing, demonstrating, and reporting. From experience, the best way to build a kit is simplicity. We did not spend a lot of time designing, but rather using past ideas to base our design on. Our reason for this is that there has been hundreds of years since the creation of the trebuchet, and since it has been optimized, why try to “fix what isn’t broke?” As you can see in fig. 1, our initial design was extremely basic. Our build consisted of assembly, using the supplied supplies, testing, tweaking, and retesting. The main objective is to achieve consistency. We used2 L brackets as the initial main uprights, and eventually added a long straight piece to each to increase pivot point height. We supported these uprights by using 2 short flat pieces connecting the base and uprights at a 45° angle. Our arm is the piece most of the work was focused on. We tried to maximize the weight on the weight side of the arm, while minimizing the weight on the basket side of the arm. This was done by adding multiple brackets and hardware on the weight side, and by using lightweight pieces on the basket side. The basket was used and tied into the end of the arm, and a metal rod is used to hold the loop of the basket to determine launch angle. The majority of our procedure was based on the effect of the trebuchet, and being able to correct any deficiencies.

Analytical Procedure

A trebuchet works by converting stored potential energy into kinetic energy. It accomplishes this by...
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