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Travis Frazier
English 0099
Stan Heaton
October 26 2012
Barry Sander by Wale
Wale, a well-known poetic artist released a mix tape by the name of “11.11.11” ironically on November 11, 2011. In Particular track seven “Barry Sanders” was named after a well-known hall of fame athlete in the NFL. The song is filled with metaphors that pertain to sex, drugs, fortune and fame, using the world of sports as an example. The song points out the artist’s journey to success starting from the beginning when the light at the end of the tunnel was beyond dim. For those familiar with the sports world using Barry Sanders for the title gives the audience a heads up that the songs deals with a talented athlete on a team that lacked talent and support. Unfortunately it was as if he had to carry the team on his shoulders along with his hopes and dreams. This was a difficult task both emotionally and physically. “My niggas never block, (verse 1 line16) I think I’m Barry Sanders”, Wale recites pointing out that he had very little help scoring and trying to bring his team to the top. Wale uses the line to show that he had a lack of support from those around him in the beginning to reach his dream. Surrounded by many and with obvious talent people stood by and didn’t nothing. The road to success not only requires support but, it requires self-discipline as well. The ability to do for yourself is a key component in making it to the top. When analyzing the lyrics he continues to say, “Vic Page never made it, (verse 2 line 1) Len Bias Never made it” two young college basketball players who never made it in the NBA. Unfortunately Vic Page had legal manners to deal with and Bias died from drug overdose. Both money and drugs play major distractions not only in reaching specific goals, but everyday life. As he continues to recite his lyrics Wale refers to religion to better explain tough situations when saying, “See God gave us that talent, but the devil makes us famous”. (verse 2...
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