The Road to Heaven

Topics: The Road, Travel, Literature Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: July 18, 2013
The Road to Heaven
A Literary Analysis by Joseph A. Bartram
For Mrs.Dehr's ENC 091 Class Summer 2013.

Frost's " The Road Not Taken" is a poem about how a person takes the road less traveled. In this analysis we will discuss what this literary piece means and then how it can be related to real life.

In the first stanza it clearly states that it was in the middle of autumn. Which states a lot. It also states that the character could not travel both. When I hear that, I have a religious aspect to that which is that one is clearly the road of sins which leads to Hell. With the other path it is the path of righteousness which leads to Heaven. So when I think of it in that form, I think of how I can apply that to my life. I say to my self when I choose this will it lead to the path of righteousness or the path of sins. So how he decided to go down the road less traveled which is the road of righteousness is by looking down to where it bent down in the undergrowth.

In the second stanza, it talks about how he did take the road less traveled. He says that he has the better claim, and that the path was grassy and wanted wear. When I think about it I think about how there was not very many travelers to actually go down this road of righteousness which tells me that yes it is going to be harder to actually travel down this road, than the road more frequently traveled. I must always try my hardest to keep from the works of Satan. Also, when I do think of this I tend to wonder which of the people I hang out with actually is traveling the road less traveled. When I try to apply this to my life I always try to stick out through the situation in a positive way. Even though it is hard to do at times, I do stick to the positive side of things.

In the third stanza, it states that there is no steps trodden black in the leaves. That could be interpreted as that this road is truly not traveled that much which is basically saying that a lot of people goes...
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