Travelling in Russia

Topics: Moscow, Russia, Red Square Pages: 1 (377 words) Published: May 21, 2012
Travelling is one of the most enjoyable recreations these days. The idea of travelling may be different: either just to break the daily routine or to satisfy people’s curiosity in seeing the sights so much advertised on TV. Tastes differ and so do people’s preferences in types of travelling. It can be individual or in a group led by a tour guide, extreme or quiet and calm. People chose different means of transport: planes, trains, coaches, cars, bikes. Some tourists enjoy hiking or hitch hiking. The others believe caravanning is the most appropriate ways of travelling. But all of us are sure that travelling is one of the ways of discovering new countries or learning more about their own one. People may argue about which is better to travel abroad or around Russia. I can find some pros and cons in both variants. In both cases you learn something new, see the places you’ve never been to, enjoy the atmosphere of old cities or the modern architecture of the new towns. The sights worth seeing can be found both in Russia and abroad. But the tourist service is better developed in Europe, for example, than in Russia. That’s why it’s sometimes more comfortable to travel abroad. Besides, as the English say, the grass is always greener …, so we want to see the way people in other countries live and act, learn about their traditions and habits. On the other hand, the tourist business in Russia has been changing for the better lately. As the real patriots we can be proud of so many historical cities, sights and places of interest. I’d recommend foreign tourists to see the capital of Russia-Moscow, its magnificent cathedrals, the ancient Kremlin, the world famous Bolshoi Theatre. I would like them to walk along Tverskaya Street or Kalinin Avenue, enjoy Red Square and Old Arbat. They can buy a lot of Russian souvenirs, such as Matreshka, a flag of the Russian Federation, the symbols of Russia, etc. I would invite them to Tula and show them the Museum of Samovars, the Kremlin,...
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