Traveling Broadens the Mind

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A disastrous holiday
- Tell me, have you ever had a holiday that went wrong?
- Oh yes, oh quite a few actually.
- Which was the worst?
-The worst? Well, I suppose it was while I was at
university my girlfriend Susan and I had two weeks
well no, no, one week, one week of absolute hell and
then things got a bit better.
-What happened? And did you fall out or rosin it ?

- No, no it wasn't that. The first thing that went wrong
was that the country we were going to decided have a walk
few days before even going then.

-Oh no!
- Mmm. So that was the end of that. But the plane
we were going on the stopping of Rome.
So rather than not having a holiday at all, we thought
we'd go to Italy. Very nice. See the sights. Go to the
beaches and get fat with pasta. We were at the
airport waiting for the plane and a friend of mine who
lived near the airport comes seeing of.
So we were having a few drinks in the bar and joking
with this friend of mine, Peter, saying `Poor old you
in cold rainy England. This time tomorrow we'll be in
Italy on the beach.' And I went down to see if the
flight had been called and discovered that it had
- Oh no! How?
- Well it was a terribly stupid mistake. We hadn't
checked the time of departure. I was sure it was
going 9 something but it was going at 19 something
which of course is 7 o'clock. So we were actually there
in the bar, we were went about this.
- Oh so what did you do?
- We were determined to have our holiday. The irony
was that Peter was now going back to his
comfortable home and we were stuck in the cold and
the rain at 10 o'clock at night. You see, it was a
charter flight so we couldn't book another one. We
lost our money and all the other flights were booked
up. Well, we got a train to the South Coast and coped the midnight cross a channel ,
froze to death all night, it was a terrible crossing
the buildings sick everywhere.
And eventually we got to I think it was Dieppe and
then a...
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