Travel: Nuclear Power and Pine Island Glacier

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1st May 2014
British English edition
Issue Number 222

In this issue
New wheat disease
Hunter-gatherers and
Red deer remember Iron
Tree of Hippocrates
Freedom Day in Portugal
Giant iceberg on the move
President Obama visits Asia
Four popes in one day
Anzac memorial day
Extremely Large Telescope
Floating nuclear power
‘Big Pharma’ asset-swap
Hamas and Fatah unite
Memorial altar in South Korea, set up to remember those who died in the ferry accident

Park Geun-hye, the president of South
Korea, met with senior government ministers on 29th April. During the meeting she made a speech. It was shown on live television. Ms Park said she wanted
to say sorry to the Korean people. She
acknowledged that her government had
failed to prevent the recent ferry accident. Ms Park apologised to the families of the 302 people who are believed to
have died in the disaster.
Two days before Ms Park’s speech,
South Korea’s prime minister, Jung
Hong-won, decided to resign. He also
apologised for what had happened. Mr
Chung declared that ‘the cries of the
families of those who died kept him
awake at night’. He admitted that the
rescue operation was badly managed and
far too slow.
On the evening of 15th April a car
and passenger ferry called the MV Sewol

left the port of Incheon. (MV stands for
Motor Vessel. ‘Sewol’ is the Korean for
‘time and tide’.) The ship was late leaving because of thick fog. It was sailing to Jeju Island.
On board were 476 people. Over 300
were teenagers from a high school not far
from Seoul, South Korea’s capital city.
Fifteen teachers accompanied them. The
students and teachers were going to Jeju
Island for a four-day field trip. The ship
sailed with a crew of 29. Another 89 passengers were on the ferry. It was also carrying cars, trucks and cargo containers. The ship was 20 years old. The South
Korean company that operated the ferry
brought it from Japan. The ship began
sailing the 400-kilometre (249 mile)
route between Incheon and Jeju Island
just over 12 months ago. This journey
usually took 13.5 hours. The ferry made
a round trip twice a week.

Crown-of-thorns cull
Magical realism author dies
Algeria’s president wins
Mount Everest shutdown
Mystery ‘quacking’ answer
Eastern Ukraine
Glossary Crossword and
Wordsearch Puzzle


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Just before nine o’clock in the
morning on 16th April the ship
turned sharply. No one knows why it
did this. There may have been something wrong with the steering. The weather was good and the sea not
rough. No other ships or boats were
near by. The captain of the ferry was
in his cabin. So a junior member of
the crew was steering the ship.
Some passengers said they heard
a loud ‘bang’ after the ship’s sudden turn. It’s possible that some of the cargo moved. This could have
happened if it was not securely fastened. The ship became unstable. Seawater got inside and it began to
lean, or list, to one side. One of the
students was the first to raise the
alarm. He used his mobile phone to
call an emergency number.
The coastguard spoke with some
of the ship’s crew by radio. Using
the intercom the captain told all the
passengers to stay in their rooms.
The coastguard ordered nearby fishing boats to go to the ferry. Faster patrol boats and a helicopter were
also sent. Even though the ferry began leaning farther over, the crew continued to tell the passengers to
stay where they were.
About 40 minutes after it began
to list the captain gave the order for
everyone to leave the ship. Those
on the upper deck jumped into the
sea. However, most of the passengers who had stayed inside were trapped. The tilt of the ship meant
they couldn’t get out....
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