Travel Can Be the Best Medicine

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Megan Crane
English 101 Online
Mrs. Gibson
12 June 2013

Travel Can Be The Best Medicine
Since I was a child I have always loved traveling. Whether it be the beach, the mountains, camping, etc. Living in Haleyville all my life, there has never been much to do. The only things to do in the small town of Haleyville are going out to eat, going to the lake, swimming, ride four-wheelers, or have a bonfire. You are very limited activity wise living in a small town. When you need some time away from reality, traveling to another place is always the best medicine.

As I have gotten older I have realized how well taking one vacation a year can take the stress off of you by getting you away from your everyday life. Even if your vacation is just two days at a time, it can still relax you and relieve stress. In my opinion, everyone should take at least one vacation a year even if it’s just camping a few towns away. Everyone needs a day off every now and then.

The beach has always been my favorite vacation place for the summer time and the mountains for the fall time. I love taking a week long getaway to the beach during the summer to get away from my small town. The ocean and the sand is so calming and takes all of my worries away. During the fall I love going to the mountains and getting away from my town but also still getting to live the country life like back home. The leaves are all different colors and they are beautiful and you just don’t think about anything else in the world.

When people get older they tend to want to travel the world more. They want to kind of go out on a limb and go somewhere they have never been, explore the world. For example, as couples get older they venture to other towns to gamble or go out on cruise ships and stuff like they weren’t able to do in their younger years. Everyone tends to get that way at some point in their lives. People want to get away from whatever troubles they may be crossing in their lives at the time for...
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