"Travel Broadens the Mind" - or Does It?

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“According to a well-known axiom, “travel broadens the mind”. As international tourism tempts ever more of us to ever more distant destinations, do you think this axiom still holds true? “

According to Wikipedia, “In traditional logic, an axiom (...) is a proposition that is not proven nor demonstrated, but considered to be either self evident, or subject to necessary decision”. So, this logical statement “travel broadens the mind”, is supposedly a statement assumed to be true, presumably to most people. I do agree, but I also disagree with this axiom, this self evident truth. What is “broadening one´s mind”? What is “traveling”?

“Travel broadens the mind”, at least according to an axiom that is very well known, as well as used. I am not quite sure that this particular axiom still holds true. At least not for me. But then again, maybe it does. And this, exactly, is my point.

First of all, the ever expanding international tourism makes the world smaller. Not in actual size as a planet, of course, but people (and peoples) get ever more closer to each other, and have now, more than ever, probably, an amazing ability and opportunity to go and see new places; distant and exciting destinations are suddenly “available” to them, places people only dreamed about and was “out of their reach” only a few decades ago. Now, it´s all there – cheap, fast, exciting...nearly everyone is “goin´abroad” these days. Going abroad can, and does, broaden your mind. I´m sometimes just not sure about the travelers´ awareness, or “motivation”, if you will, for his or her or their traveling.

So, why do we travel?
To get away from home. To get that perfect tan we missed because of the rainy Norwegian summer of 2011. To visit a friend. To see the Seven Wonders Of The World. To go shopping cheap, expensive stuff. To see that favorite band of ours that...

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