Trap-Ease America: the Big Cheese of Mousetraps

Topics: Marketing, Price, Pricing Pages: 6 (1499 words) Published: December 29, 2010

Beirut- Lebanon

Faculty of Business and Economics
Graduate Program


Case Study one:

Trap-Ease America: The Big Cheese Of Mousetraps

Presented To:

Dr. Ziad Haddad

Presented By:

Shady Habboub

Fall Semester 2009-2010


The Mission Statement of Trap-Ease America:

“We want to free your homes from mice. Fathers: you can protect your families easily and safely. Trap-Ease America is your state of the art solution”


The opportunities that arise in the environment, if successfully captured by firms or entrepreneurs could become a success story. But what if these “opportunities” were fake, or misinterpreted?? The story will have a totally different ending… Martha feels that she faces “once in the life opportunity”, is it true? Despite the excellent product, sales aren’t reflecting the notoriety the Trap-Ease had earned as mentioned in the text. Is sales the real problem, or is it the effect of a hidden cause, where poor demand is just the tip of the iceberg? For Martha to consider that she is facing a golden opportunity, her product has to fulfill a latent demand for the consumers. Is the value exploration has been well understood in all the spaces and most importantly in the customer’s cognitive space? On the other hand, when creating the value, had Martha identified the new benefits to communicate from the customer’s view? And concerning Value Delivery, can we consider that the company has reached the level of proficiency at customer relationship management, identifying who its customers are, who has the power, how they behave and what they need or want. In terms of internal resource management is the company well organized? Finally has the company managed successfully its relation ships with its partners? Do customers need a better mouse trap or they need to simply get rid of the mice? The early research suggested that men are more willing to buy and use traditional trap, however women didn’t like traditional mouse trap. Martha built its strategy assuming that because women didn’t like traditional mouse trap, Trap-Ease will be their product of choice. Knowing that they often stay at home, so they need a way to deal with mice without the hassle of traditional mouse traps & poisons Is it true? Or most probably women will ask their husbands to deal with this problem with whatever mean they want? Moreover, the research revealed that men “have the power” meaning that they are the one who buy the mouse trap, is it the traditional or Ease-Trap no matter. An important hint that Martha couldn’t interpret is that Trap-Ease has won the first prize in the National Hardware show; the attendees are mostly men… Finally can we assume that because men tend to buy the traditional mouse trap they are not the right segment? Certainly no, the right segment is Men. Because they possess the power of both buying & using the mouse trap or poison… Martha failed in her pre work of segmentation of the market thus choosing the value. Had her successfully identified the right segment, the other components of the value creation and delivery sequence would have a real chance to succeed if properly dealt with. Unfortunately Martha built its strategic marketing based on an STP formula that doesn’t fit the market thus leading to the present situation. An important point that Matha failed to take into consideration, is despite the fact that traditional trap and poisons have many disadvantages, the product of choice might be a totally different & innovative product not necessarily Trap-Ease… Martha is following the Product Concept, assuming that having the better product with the best features will be reason for high demand. Ignoring the fact that customers might not need this product. But, as Trap-Ease America is the sole product the company is selling thus the survival of the company relies on it, Martha had to built a...
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