Trap-Ease America Case

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Trap-Ease America: the big cheese of mousetraps case
Case Analysis: A group of investors had formed Trap-ease America in January after it had obtained worldwide rights to market the innovative mouse trap. The group then hired Martha to serve as president, and to develop and manage trap-ease America organizations. Even though the product is well designed, and is bringing a new idea to the market, by using a good trap to catch the mice, it didn’t bring much profit to the company. Even after winning over 300 new products, that wasn’t enough to attract customers in the market. SWOT Analysis: is an overall evaluation of the company strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The goal of SWOT analysis is to match the company’s strengths to attractive opportunities in the environment, while eliminating or overcoming the weaknesses and minimizing the threats (marketing by Armstrong/kotler page 55). The SWOT analysis of trap- ease America Company is as the following: 1-Strengths:

Very innovative and well-designed product.
The product is reusable, which means that it’s a long lasting. •There is a less risk involved.
The product is also good for the environment, as it doesn’t pollute the air or harm the kids. 2-Weaknesses:
The product price is high, compared to the others in the market. •The promotion is weak, and low.
They are more concentrated on the product, than customers. •Not proper segmentation.
Different product with a new idea, and a high potential market. •There are few competitors in the market.
Ease to use product than other.
Competition against the traditional trap, and any company that create mouse traps •Chemicals or pesticides.

My own ideas about the points that I think they should or have worked on:- 1-Market targeting: which is the process of evaluating, each market segment attractiveness and selecting one or more to enter? Martha’s market targeting wasn’t good enough; she thought that women were the best target market for the trap ease, because men are more willing to buy, and use the traditional spring loaded trap. She didn’t know that women who stay at home with their children these days are few. So what I think she should have done is:

The targeting, and the research should have been done in a bigger broaden demographic area. •She should have targeted warehouses, cold storages, and docks as well, not just retailers. •She should also target to environmentalists, animal lovers and corporate businesses. •The segmenting must benefit from the wholesalers, and intermediaries too apart from the retailers. •They should target men as well, not just women, and they can do that using different marketing channels, like advertisement, newspapers, and TV’S. •They should target pest companies also, and they can form a joint venture with them if necessary. 2-Promotion: - which is one of the 4P’s (price, place, promotion, and product). The company seems to lack any sort of promotion like advertising, public relations, and personal selling. What I think they should do about that is the following:-

There should be only one trap, that get sold at one time, because when the two traps are sold in one package, it will won’t appeal to customers, who might want to experiment the package. •They should lower the cost of their product, because customers now days are more driven to the products that have low costs, and high quality. •They should have a money back policy, in case the customers didn’t like the product or decided to bring it back. By that they will gain the trust of the customers. •There should be mass distribution of the product, and free demo services must be provided. •There should be more money spent on the promotional activities like advertising, showing demi in retail shops, and approach government to promote the produt in railways, and as environment savior. •There should...
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