transportion management system and UPS

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Transportaiton management system and ups
Mel Lee CIS/217

According to Wikipedia, Transportation Management System is defined as a subset of supply chain management and transportation organizations and may be part of an enterprise resource planning system (ERP). A TMS usually "sits" between an ERP or legacy order processing and warehouse/distribution module. A typical scenario would include both inbound (procurement) and outbound (shipping) orders to be evaluated by the TMS Planning Module offering the user various suggested routing solutions. These solutions are evaluated by the user for reasonableness and are passed along to the transportation provider analysis module to select the best mode and least cost provider. Until the mid-1980s, UPS offered a single package delivery service at a single price to all customers. Spurred by competition from Federal Express, Roadway Package System (RPS) and others, and by opportunities to exploit excess capacity in the delivery network, UPS began to broaden its product offerings and customer services. UPS expanded its set of products by introducing Time Definite Services, offering air and ground shipment with delivery times such as UPS Next Day Air, UPS Next Day Early AM, UPS 2nd Day Air and UPS 3 Day Select. During the 1990s, United Parcel Service (UPS) grew from a $14 billion package delivery company to a $30 billion global enterprise offering international shipping, logistics, financial, and related services. UPS management adopted a strategy of “enabling global commerce” which combined the physical movement of goods with the movement of information and capital. As it entered the 21st century, the firm planned to drive deeper into its customers’ supply chains. Increasingly UPS was reaping the benefits of IT capabilities that generated efficiencies in the firm’s core operations and created opportunities for new adjacent lines of business. In addition to product extensions, UPS developed multiple channels for...

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