transport and logistics

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Material safety data sheet, Management Pages: 14 (2917 words) Published: March 25, 2014

1. When the layout of a workplace is setup correctly it should ensure that materials and goods can move through each area efficently and quickly.

2. General Manager - managing staff; establishing and accomplishing business objectives • Warehouse Supervisor - Maintains inventory and supplies by receiving, storing, and delivering items; securing warehouse; supervising staff • Accounts Manager - collecting, analyzing, verifying, and reporting financial information; managing staff • Receptionist - Front Desk Coordinator, Greeter, Switchboard Operator, Call Screener • Draftsman - responsible for the visual representation of the building or the structure for the developers. • Team Leader - management of Warehouse Operatives and Warehouse disciplines • Storeman - responsible for managing all functions of stock and equipment • Drivers - Deliver and transport goods and materials

3. Risk factors associated with poor housekeeping practices of facilities include injury by tripping, slipping, running into or being hit by falling objects, Possible security problems, Risk of damaging equipment, Emergency and health risks involved.

4. Five examples of equipment and technology in the warehouse is: • Welders
• Grinders
• Forklift
• Strapping and Banding Equipment
• Wire Rolling Machine

5. The purpose and function of equipment and technology in the workplace is to improve health and safety by reducing manual handling, aslo improves productivity and customer service.

6. The employment agreement can set out in detail all the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees

7. My Reasons for working in the transport and logistics industry are as follows: • communication skills, aptitude for mathematics and computer literacy • good pay and conditions
• learn new skills
• develop a career path with plenty of opportunities for promotion • gain nationally recognised qualifications
• choose from hundreds of different types of jobs and career pathways • use the latest technology
• become an important part of the Country's economy

8. External customers are the delivery drivers, clients and representatives.

9. Five Internal customers would be the teamleader, boiler makers, draftsman, warehouse manager and even the general manager.

10. To provide a quality customer service means repeat business, new business and strong relationships between co-workers

11. To identify hazards in the workplace, do an inspection of the work area and ask co-workers what problems they have with their tasks.

12. Health and safety is important because it makes a safe work environment which means that businesses can operate effectively and successfully while increasing worker performance and morale.

13. The employer. Everyone is responsible for Health and Safety. Management is responsible for maintaining a healthy and safe workplace

14. To maintain quality of equipment and PPE you must report faulty or damaged equipment to your supervisor asap

15. The potential emergencies that can occur in the workplace could include: • Security breaches
• Power outages
• Floods
• Toxic gas releases
• Chemical spills
• Explosions
• Fire
• Workplace violence resulting in bodily harm and trauma.

16. Even if you are not specifically required to do so, compiling an emergency action plan is a good way to protect yourself, your employees, and your business during an emergency.

17. TIME MANAGEMENT RATING AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT COMMENTS Achieve my goals - Reasonably well- Share time between work,leisure and other activities - Reasonably well- Maintain a clean and tidy work area...
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