Topics: Supply chain management, Supply chain, Customer relationship management Pages: 3 (741 words) Published: June 27, 2013
Full Name: Mariam Naomi George Group: TS01 Individual Assignment
1. There are five logistics/supply chain stories in the video. Suggest an appropriate title that you would give to each story. (10 marks)

FarEastFlora- “Delivering love to the one’s we love”
Transporting the animals- “Sizing up the Sheep”
WLNA- “Keeping it cool on this Sunny Island”
NTUC supply chain- “Right product, right quantity, at the right time!” Keppel Logistics- “The life and benefits of logisticians”

2. What type of logistics does each story belong to? (10 marks)

WLNA - Product based logistics
FarEastFlora- Product based logistics
Transporting of sheep to mosques- Consumer based logistics
Groceries (NTUC supply chain)- Product based logistics
Keppel logistics- Product based logistics

3. Identify and describe some of the technologies used by the logistics companies in the video. (20 Marks)

CoolPort- Able to store good form -28 degrees to 19 degrees and it is monitored all the time and has real time temperature logging systems. This keeps the food fresh and safe to consume. FarEastFlora-Each stalk of the roses get conditioned and prepared so they can last longer. Also the customized software system known as the “track and trace” which is at the frontend of the customer relationship management system. To change the address of the recipient even when it’s a last minute change by the customer it can be done with this system. WLNA- Facilities to hold (-25 to 18 degrees) Frozen food for places such as Carls JR to prevent harmful bacteria from growing. Refrigerated trucks with sub engines where the temperature can be controlled from -30 to 0 degrees. Even when the engine is off the sub engine where the food is stored can run independently.

4. Of the five companies in the video, which one(s) of them functioned as a third party logistics company? (10 marks)

Keppel logistics and WLNA are both examples of third party logistics...
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