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Public Transport Feasibility Study

Tender Document

July, 2008

Galway City Council Transportation Unit
Public Transport Feasibility Study

Study Brief

Study Requirements
Available Information
Study Administration
Additional Tender Information
Assessment of Tenders
Freedom of Information Act
Conditions of Appointment
Data Protection
Form of Contract
Tender Submission




Galway City Council intends to appoint a suitably qualified consultant to undertake a Public Transport Feasibility Study for Galway City. The Study will have regard to transportation planning, development and settlement patterns in the adjoining County Council area as depicted in Fig. 1 in Appendix 1. This is the area that was included in the 1999 Galway Transportation and Planning Study.

The Study will examine the feasibility of public transportation options in the area of Bus Rapid Transit, Light Rail and associated Park and Ride facilities, taking account of existing public transportation proposals with particular reference to proposed commuter services on the Dublin/Galway rail line and the Western rail corridor.

This Brief specifies the requirements for the commission and prospective tenderers will be expected to take full account of the Brief when submitting their tender submissions. 2.



Study Context

Galway City serves as the regional capital of the Western Region and the greater Galway area. The City and its hinterland has been a regional success story in recent years. Galway City is designated as a Gateway city in the National Spatial Strategy. The City currently has a population of 75,000 and the City Development Plan 2005 – 2011 projects that the population will increase to 85,000 during the course of the Plan. In recent years the population growth in the City has been increasing faster than the other gateway cities outside Dublin. Labour force participation rates and the growth in total employment have also exceeded the other gateway cities outside Dublin. The growth of Galway and its hinterland is expected to continue. In the latest CSO population projections, the West is projected to be the fastest growing region outside the Greater Dublin/Mid East area.

The transportation system in Galway City has not kept pace with the rapid growth and the City is experiencing increasing transportation problems and levels of congestion. Galway City is heavily dependant on private transport for travel to work and to schools with only 4% of commuters regularly using public transport. Journey times for the private car are increasing and the road network is close to saturation. This is posing problems at present for all modes of travel including public transport and will lead to problems for future development of transportation, including public transport in the City. The population of Galway City and its hinterland is envisaged to grow substantially between now and 2020, increasing from 345,100 in 2000 to 488,000 in 2020. This population growth will generate significant additional trips made within the city, and between the City and the surrounding area. It is in this context of the increased development in the city and its environs, and the continued growth of the region that a feasibility study on the public transportation options for the City and its environs including Bus Rapid Transit, Light Rail and Park & Ride is now required.


A land use and transportation study, ‘The Galway Transportation and Planning Study (GTPS)’, was jointly commissioned by Galway City Council and Galway County Council in 1999. The study established the framework for the development of transportation in the City and it’s environs over a geographic area encompassing the City and an area of about 30 Kilometre radius.

In the years 2001 – 2002 Galway City Council and Galway County...
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