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Nicholas is approaching his t=sroom-based center by the time he turns 3.
Transition Team:
The transition team will consist of several therapists, speech, adaptive, and behavioral. Each therapist will give a report on how Nicholas has improved, where he needs more help, and what they feel best suits Nicholas’s education. This evaluation will incorporate the year of education Nicholas has been receiving in home. This transition will take 3 weeks to complete. Nicholas will need each of his specialized teachers to help with this transitional, after all each of the therapists knows Nicholas’s educational needs best. All therapies will continue when Nicholas enters the preschool environment.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Each therapist; speech, adaptive, behavioral and physical, will be required to work with Nicholas 3 times a week for 15 minutes a day. This will con
Case Manager:
The persons who will be in charge of this transition are the behavioral therapist, Nicholas previous preschool teacher, and his new preschool teacher. The behaviorist will be able to determine Nicholas’s reaction towards the transition, how to accommodate these behavioral changes, and what would make the transition easiest for Nicholas. The previous and new preschool teacher will be able to work together to adapt the curriculum needed for Nicholas as well as any room changes that need to be made to incorporate Nicholas’s needs. The transition will start the first day of preschool scheduled in the fall, and continue for three weeks. The transition may last longer if needed,
Week one will include introducing Nicholas to his new environment, with an hour of introduction during the classroom’s free time. Nicholas will still receive his therapies so that he does not feel that he has lost his routine, but he will be given daily 20 minute therapy sessions with the behaviorist in order to learn how to handle the stress of a new environment and how to adapt to the changes.

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