Topics: Revision, Paper, Writing Pages: 3 (892 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Kayla Wood
Ms. Mallette
English 1023
16 October 2012
Midterm: Reevaluate Paper Two
It has been a huge transition when writing papers in high school then turning around and writing them on a college level. One of my favorite things about this transition though is getting to have my teachers and more of my classmates actually help me through peer editing and revising my papers. This helps me get a better perspective of what the audience understands when they read my papers and also helps me to develop an even better paper. I went back and revised my paper two assignment to make even more changes. I decided to go back and reevaluate my second paper. In this particular paper I had to relate a poem with a popular text. I chose the poem “Dive for Dreams” by e.e. Cummings and the movie Charlie St. Cloud.

One of the biggest things that help with writing my paper was to get into groups and do peer editing. In most of the papers I write, I tend to always do more summary than analyzing. I was never really great at figuring out my limits on that, but after working with some very helpful classmates, they pointed out areas where I should take out more of the summary of the movie and focus more of my work onto the poem. For an example, when I had my paper revised I learned that since my poem is referred to in the movie multiple times, it is actually called intertextuality. Which in learning this, helped me better understand the story of the movie along with the poem. So instead of rambling about the movie then jumping back and forth from one to the other, on my final copy I intertwined them so that it was not just constant confusion. Another big part I changed was revealing more of the theme of both works. In my first paper before I revised it again, I basically just said stuff like, “it is about moving on”, or “moving forward...” not really going into great depth on my paper. I realized that in order to make this paper even better, I need to explain and go more in...
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