Transaction Processing System

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Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1: Introduction to Company:

Transaction Processing Systems (TPS) is a software, systems, and consulting firm specializing in e-banking and e-payment products, solutions, and services. TPS is e-banking and e-payments solution experts.

IT solutions have become increasingly complex and expensive. Too often, businesses end up working to support their IT, instead of the other way around.

TPS has thrived by observing a single mandate:

“Take care of our client's e-banking needs, so they can focus on their client's needs.”

TPS specializes in solutions related to electronic payments, transaction switching and online remote banking services. TPS carries diversified and complimentary products in its portfolio to address complete payment processing requirements of financial and non-financial sectors.

TPS holds multi-dimensional expertise that covers not only switching knowledge and expertise but also business domain knowledge related to self service banking, knowledge of multi-vendor ATMs and their applications, communication and networking knowledge, systems integration expertise and project management expertise related to deployment of complex switching environments.

TPS is driving the largest ATM-Network in Pakistan. Being creators of 1-Link (National Switch of Pakistan), they provide services to 28 leading banks of Pakistan, including Allied Bank Limited, Habib Bank Limited, ABN Amro Bank, Soneri Bank Limited, Bank Al-Habib Limited etc.

1.2 Introduction to Product and Services:

TPS house is a rich and diverse range of platform independent and multi-vendor e-banking solutions and services that offer competitive edge to its customers. TPS portfolio includes ATM controller, POS switch, transaction switching middleware, cash & cheque deposit suite, card personalization and management, EMV compliance, reconciliation, online fraud detection & monitoring and help desk agent based solutions.

TPS switching solutions are certified with all major international and regional payment associations like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, UAE Switch, Bahrain Benefit Network, Qatar NAPS Network, GCC Net, etc. TPS switching technologies are based on enterprise middleware philosophy whereby TPS EFT switch interacts with third party channel solution providers as well as TPS provided channel solutions to deliver round-the-clock personalized, consistent and reliable remote banking services through convenient electronic touch points like ATMs, POS, Kiosks, Cellular Banking, IVR, Call Centers etc.

TPS also offers specific customizations and add-on solutions to meet the needs of banks and provides flexibility, scalability and seamless integration of e-Banking operations across entire banking enterprise from back-office to front-office customer service management.

1.2.1 Areas of Expertise:

• Switching Middleware - “Multi-purpose, integrated and highly scalable transaction processing and switching. Most powerful tool for self-service banking.” • Remote Banking - “Secure, customizable and user-friendly remote banking solutions designed to help customers transact anytime, anywhere!” • ATM Monitoring & Management - “Comprehensive, web –based SST network monitoring and management solutions to improve availability of SST networks and boost banking customer service levels.” • Dispute Resolution - “Fast, flexible and centralized solutions for quick information delivery and even quicker dispute resolution." • Card and Chip Personalization - “Flexible, scalable and an end-to-end card personalization and PIN management solution” • Bill Presentment and Payment - “Easier, faster and convenient way for utility bill payment!” • Deposit and Exchange Solutions - “Revolutionary and advance banking services with automated cash/cheque deposit and currency exchange.” • Fraud & Risk Management - “Intelligent Fraud and Risk analysis solution to combat issues of fraudulent...
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