Training Design Process

Topics: Learning, Skill, Assessment Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: February 23, 2013
The process is based on a systematic approach that is widely used in industry, government and the military to develop instruction. The process starts by defining the goals of the instruction — in other words what you want the learner to be able to do when they have completed the instruction.

If an assessment of training needs is desired, we can help with that. We can also conduct written and hands-on assessments of the competence level of job incumbents to determine training needs or for pre-employment qualification.

After the goal is identified, we determine step-by-step what people are doing when they perform that goal. Each step is broken down into sub-steps. Next we determine what skills and knowledge are required of learners at each step and sub-step. Finally, the knowledge and skills (prerequisites) required to begin instruction are determined.

Next we analyze the learners and the context in which they will learn the material and in which they will use the material. The learner’s current skills, preferences and attitudes are determined along with the characteristics of the instructional setting and the setting in which the skills will eventually be used.

After goal analysis and learner and context analysis, we have enough information to write Performance Objectives for each goal. Performance objectives state the specific skills to be learned, the conditions under which the skills must be performed and the criteria for successful performance. These performance objectives are used to develop test questions, evaluation checklists, projects and other tools to use in demonstrating proficiency.

The instructional strategy and materials are designed based on the tests and checklists developed. In other words, teach to the test. Because we know the successful completion of the test indicates proficiency, by teaching to the test, we know we’re providing the material that is needed for proficiency.
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