Training Methodology

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(v) Answer any two questions.


1.What is a ‘training need’ and how does it get recognized?

2. Discuss the various methods of training needs identification. Reference to suitable case studies may be made.

3.Discuss the various steps involved in designing training program.

4.Discuss the role of a trainer in the conduct of a training program and the logic by which he should select training aids.

Question 1: What is a ‘training need’ and how does it get recognized?

Answer 1:

What is a Training Need?

A training need is nothing but a gap between desired level of knowledge/ skill or attitude and its existing level, where an individual, department or the whole organisation is either falling short of expected performance or the organization is planning a change. There are a number of reasons for perceiving such a gap. Reasons for a Training Need.

Change – The Mother of Training Need. The only permanent entity in today’s world is change. And it is happening at ever increasing speed. Inability to change is sure to lead to extinction of any organisation. The training need comes in to play either because a change has either already happened or it is likely to happen or it is intended to be caused. Change in any form and for any reason is bound to generate training needs. Types of Possible Change. The change could be either technological, environmental, legislative or manpower composition. Technological. In order to either reduce cost of the products and services or to reduce the time frame or some other resource, organizations often have to adapt a different technology than the one they currently had. Change of technology necessitates change in the methods of work, procedures and at times even policies. Prior subjecting the organization to a technological change therefore the affected employees need to be trained. Introduction of computers/ I.T. in banks and government offices in 1990s is an excellent example. In armed forces, the weapon systems, surveillance equipment and platforms that carry them get upgraded from time to time. Prior any such change however a large manpower needs to be trained. Even a commander who deploys his forces needs to be trained about strengths as well as limitations of the new technology for him to have necessary situational awareness. Environmental. Change in customer taste and habits, is the biggest environmental change. Before availability of digital technology people would print photographs they clicked. With hand held digital devices capable of stowing and displaying the photographs, the need to print diminished. For the industry involved in photo printing it was a major change. When an organisation ventures into new business or new product, the current employees may be required to be trained to meet the new competencies/ skills required. When there is a change in environment, e.g. resource availability, entry or exit of a major competitor, etc the organisation may have to change the way things are done. The whole ambit of national coastal security mechanism had to change not only the way it conducted its business but also the equipments and platforms when the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack proved that the attack could be launched in such a manner. The coastal security environment had actually changed long ago. The attack forced the powers that be to wake up to this reality and then take corrective...
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