Training and Development

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Training Management
Today’s dynamic economy requires the company to constantly train their employees as changes occur at lighting speed. Knowledge continues to expand at a geometric rate while new, never existed fields pop up constituently, arising to become a significant competitor that threatens your business. It is clear that your employee needs training to stay on top of this fast changing environment. However, it is difficult to even know what training your employee needs, let alone what training is available or scheduling the training for your employee. SunFish HR, training administration supports these needs by providing an extremely complete training management module with the flexibility needed for defining training policies and training types. Furthermore, the module is provided in an open, employee self-service environment while the management defines the workflows and accesses a compete set of reporting and analysis tools. SunFish HR system associates training programs with job codes, monitors courses, tracks session availability, budgets expenses and compares actual with estimated costs. SunFish HR improves the efficiency of the training processing by reducing the processing cost of training request and approval since all of the request and approval take place online. All processing and approvals are performed instantaneously without the need for paper records or the costs of transferring paper records between departments for approval and consolidation. The module also allows the employee to propose training on line. The employees themselves maybe in the best position to propose the required training to succeed in their positions. DEVELOPMENT

The term development refers broadly to the nature and direction of change induced in employees, particularly managerial personnel, through the process of training and educative process. National Industrial Conference Board has defined development as follows:-

“ Management development is all those activities and programmers when recognized and controlled, have substantial influence in changing the capacity of the individual to perform his assignment better and in doing so are likely to increase his potential for future assignments.”

Thus, management development is not merely a training or a combination of various training programmes, though some kind of training is necessary; it is the overall development of the competency of managerial personnel in the light of the present requirement as well as the future requirement. For example, S.B.Budhiraja, former Managing Director of Indian Oil Corporation, has viewed that:- “Any activity designed to improve the performance of existing managers and to provide for a planned growth of managers to meet future organizational requirements is management development. He has further emphasized that development is highly individual. There are many approaches to management development. Different approaches work better with different types of managers. Based on the above concepts, we may derive that management development is based on following assumptions: 1) Management development is a continuous process as there is no time limit for learning to occur. It is not one-shot programme but continues throughout the career of a manager. Though there may be certain one-shot training programmes, these are not the only elements for management development; these are only one type of inputs in management development. 2) Management development, or for that matter any kind of learning, is based on the assumption that there, always, exist a gap between an individual’s performance and his potential for the performance. The untapped potential can be translated into actual performance through management development process. Thus, what is required in the process is to inculcate complementary skills in the individual to utilize his full potential. 3) Management...

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