Traditional Medical or Chiropractic Treatment for Otitis Media

Topics: Otitis media, Middle ear, Eustachian tube Pages: 4 (1162 words) Published: February 19, 2012
Traditional medical or Chiropractic treatment for Otitis Media Carma McConahay

Traditional Medical or Chiropractic care for Otitis Media

There are two types of otitis media. While Traditional medical care uses, antibiotics and, surgical tubes, Chiropractic care uses, no drugs or surgery, and is safe, gentle, and effective in less time to treat Otitis Media (inner ear infection.) Traditional medical care starts with antibiotics, resulting in the surgical implantation of tubes. While Chiropractic treatment is a gentle adjustment of the cervical spine using neither drugs nor surgery, resulting in an effective care in less time.

Once the doctor or chiropractor has determined which type of otitis media the patient has a treatment can be started. Otitis Media is the result of inflammation developing in the middle ear in the cavity between the eardrum and inner ear. There is a Eustachian tube that links the pharynx to the middle ear, which is part of the middle ear; the tube is approximately 35mm long the Eustachian tube equalizes the pressure. When the tube becomes inflamed, it can cause the tube to close resulting in fluid to become trapped. (Mersch, MD, October)

There are two types of otitis media; "Serious-Otitis Media" is when fluid has built up inside the middle ear without infection present. When inflammation can get trapped in the middle ear cavity it happens because a bacterium from the back of the nose has traveled through the Eustachian tube. When this happens it causes an inner ear infection which is painful. (Steward, MD, January )

Acute-Otitis Media" is when fluid has built up in the middle ear that has become infected because of the exposure to bacteria or a virus. Medical attention should be gotten to see if the condition has become a chronic condition. Once the inflammation gets trapped in the middle ear cavity...

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