Traci Rose Rider

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Designer Research- Traci Rose Rider


Traci Rose Rider is the Director of Downtown Design Studio in North Carolina State University, a co-founder and partner of Trace Collaborative, and a consultant for EGB (Emerging Green Builders) committee of the USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council). She received her Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Cincinnati, Master of Design and Environmental Analysis from Cornell University, and Ph.D. of Design from North Carolina State University where she focused on the relationship between perception of sustainability and the building industry and explored factors that impact environmental attitudes of designers.


Dr. Rider believes that it is critical to “integrate green building into the design profession through research, education, and implementation” (Rider, traciroserider) to benefit both environment and society. By working beyond the aesthetic and functionality of a space, Rider focuses on the design impact and how it positively influences the well being of the users and the environment.


As an active and passionate designer in sustainability design and green building movement since 2000, Dr. Rider’s has contributed and involved in the design industry in various perspective. She specializes in sustainability planning, consulting and research, green buildings and development of sustainable education programs.
A. Sustainability Design And Green Building

The most well-known sustainable development idea is “meeting the needs of present population without compromising the need of future generation.” (Brundland,14). The importance of connection between nature and human develop ent can be found in Dr. Rider’s design and research. She focuses on Sustainable Design and Green Buildings that promote community connection, personal and environmental health, inclusionary and universal design, environmental education space planning and downtown revitalization. According to Dr. Rider, Regenerative Design should be the ultimate goal of the design and construction industries. (Rider,2) Which means we are not only creating green buildings, but buildings that can restore and renew its own energy and materials during the process and outcome. Her goal is to ”create healthy buildings not just for the users but also for the natural environment, allowing future generations to meet their resource needs as we are currently able to meet ours.” (Rider,91) B. Integration of Sustainability in Design Education

Dr. Rider has participated in numerous education programs and associations in Green Building and Sustainable Design because she believes environmental attitudes of designers are greatly impacted by the environmental education, learned associations and informal influences. She focuses on integration of sustainability within formal design education and promotes different approaches toward design.

As a professor in North Carolina St ate University, she teaches graduate level Sustainable Design seminars and researches on Sustainable education and implementation. She is also a consultant for EGB (Emerging Green Builders) committee of the USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) where she provides resources and opportunities to students and young professionals and encourages them into the green building field.

Other contribution includes development of Sustainable Champion in HOK, coordination of LEED training and education session, and presentation at both academic and professional conferences on green, sustainability, integrated design and community engagement.


A. Integrating Sustainability Education into BCIT

Rider stressed on the importance of integrating sustainability into Design education at the foundation education levels. BCIT should also integrate sustainability theme into...
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