Toyota Company Analysis

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Toyota in Europe


“Continuous improvement. As no process can ever be declared perfect, there is always room for improvement.”

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1. FromLoomstoCars:Toyota’sHistory


2. GlobalToyota


3. ToyotainEurope


4. TheToyotaProductionSystem


5. CustomerFirst


6. Sustainability:Economic,EnvironmentalandSocialStewardship


7. TheVehicleLine-Up


8. Motorsport&FormulaOne


9. TheToyotaWorkExperience


March 2007 edition


DearReader, Sincetheearly1960’s,Toyota’spresenceinEuropehasgrownandchanged,keepingpacewiththechanging vehicletastesandrequirementsoftheEuropeanpublic.Since1992,whenthefirstofourEuropeanproduction facilitieswasopenedintheUK,Toyotahasinvestedover€6billionthroughoutEurope.Wenowemployover 55,000people,haveeightEuropeanmanufacturingfacilities,andaninthsettobecomeoperationalinRussia in2007.Buttheconstructionofvehicleandengineassemblyplantsisonlypartofthestory. Over the past year, we also expanded our technical centre in Belgium, investing an additional €75 million to ensure that Toyota and Lexus vehicles continue to meet the high engineering and design standards of Europeancustomers.AnothermajorinvestmentwasthenewEuropeanGlobalProductionCentreintheUK, establishedforthetrainingofproductionstaffandsupervisorsfromalloverEurope.Toyotaalsocontinues toinvestheavilyinthetrainingofourengineeringandmanagementstaff,aswellasourretailandmarketing teams.ProgrammessuchasToyota’sGraduateDevelopmentProgramme,theSchoolforRetailDevelopment andtheManagementDevelopmentProgrammehavebeendesignedtoensurethatallofourpersonnelare highlytrainedintheirrespectivefields. There is one reason, and one reason alone, why we continue to invest so heavily in our facilities and people, and that is our uncompromising commitment to quality. Quality matters to Toyota because Toyota putsthe“customerfirst”.Thatmeanswestrivetoensurethatourvehiclesarethesafest,mostreliable,best performingandmostenjoyablecarsontheroad.Thatinturnrequiresthatourpeoplebethebesttrainedand motivatedintheindustry,andourfacilities,equipmentandprocesses,secondtonone. As a responsible corporate citizen, our concern extends beyond products to our natural environment. That is why Toyota also continues to invest so heavily in research and development of new and environmentallyfriendlytechnologies,suchasourground-breakinghybridtechnology.Oureffortsinthisareahave become the hallmark of Toyota’s business philosophy for the 21st century, making us the industry leader in environmental technologies. Of course, at Toyota we also continue to develop and expand our social contributions, devoting an increasing percentage of our resources to strengthening our interactions and engagement with the communities we serve. With steadily increasing direct and in-kind contributions in Europe, Toyota Motor Europe continues to fulfil its commitment to economic, environmental and social stewardship,doingitsutmosttohelpcreateaprosperousEuropeansocietyinthe21stcentury. Tadashi Arashima President & CEO Toyota Motor Europe

Toyota in Europe

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1 From Looms to Cars: Toyota’s History
Toyota is one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers, selling over 8.8 million models in 2006(1) on all five continents. A Top 10 Fortune Global 500(2) enterprise, Toyota ranks among the world’s leading global corporations and is proud to be the most admired automaker(3), an achievement the company believes stems from its dedication...
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