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Topics: Batmobile, Batman, Superhero Pages: 3 (1056 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Eric Bertrand
Imaginext Bat Cave
The purpose of this paper is to examine the Imaginext Bat Cave toy found at The examination will cover the toys ability to encourage a child’s cognitive, emotional and social development. The objective is to inform the reader of the appropriate age children should be in order to enjoy the toy. This paper will cover any safety issues, gender roles, and fun value. The toy is the Bat Cave, which is Batman’s’ base operations from the cartoon series Batman. The base stands one foot tall, six inches wide and four inches deep. The cave itself includes five discs attached to the base. On the disc are images displayed illustrating which each disc does in the base. The child will rotate a disc and the base will execute that function. The first disc uncovers the secret Bat Cave entrance. The second disc opens the Bat Caves’ Batmobile door. The third disc elevates the parking slot for the Batmobile. The fourth disc lowers a maintenance claw to work on the Batmobile. The fifth disc operates an elevator for Batman and Robin to reach the roof of the Bat Cave. At the roof there are two knobs each with an image displaying its function. The child pulls and rotates a knob to execute the desired function. The first knob elevates a telescope. The second knob operates cannon, which fires a soft projectile a distance of about a foot. Included with the toy are a Batman action figure and a Robin action figure. Also included with the toy are two vehicles for the action figures. The first is the Bat Cycle, which is a motor cycle which can be ridden by wither action figure. And the second vehicle is a Bat Glider, which is essentially a hang glider which can be ridden by either action figure.

The Bat Cave is meant to be a base of operation for Batman, and his side-kick Robin. Children would use the telescope to spot out villains Joker and Two-Face (sold separately), at which point they would have Batman and Robin...
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