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Topics: Telescope, Binoculars, Galileo Galilei Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: November 9, 2014
Dixie Mae P. Bulac F2 St. Landric

Brief History
Binoculars were originally based from the telescope.
Hans Lippershey, a spectacle maker, was the one who invented the telescope. Lippershey’s apprentice discovered that when holding 2 lenses in the same eye, with one lense distant from the other and looked through both, a far object seemed magnified or bigger. From there, Lippershey experimented with the lenses and was later known as telescope. Years later, Galileo Galilei developed Lippershey’s invention and was able to magnify objects 40x bigger than its appearance in the naked eye. Through this, Galilei was able to see heavenly bodies that made him discover that four moons are orbitting around the planet Jupiter. Centuries later, J.P. Lemiere, a French citizen, invented the binoculars. However, Ignatio Porris, an Italian, was the man who built the first working binoculars based from Lemiere’s invention.

Physics Application
The physics behind the binoculars is Optics—the branch of Physics that deals with light and its properties. Most binoculars use prisms along with lenses to enhance the image’s color, quality, and size. Since light is capable of bending when passing through an object, when it enters the lens, the light gets reversed and magnified through the prisms, and eventually enters your eyes. Our eyes are also binocular instruments. This means they take to images and bring them together to form a single, high quality image. Binoculars consist of two small telescopes mounted side by side, one for each eye, and a focusing mechanism. By having a lens system for each eye, these instruments provide three-dimensional viewing. They also generally provide a wide field of view. Unlike the telescope, images that are viewed in binoculars do not appear upside down. This is because of...
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