Tourism Situation Analysis United Kingdom

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Tourism Situation Analysis United Kingdom

Module: Tourism

The UK saw a boom year In its tourism industry during 2013 spurred on by the Queen’s Jubilee along with the 2012 Olympics And Paralympics. Due to tourism spending increased by 6.0% with an increase of 173.000 jobs contrary to the cuts put in place by government and others in the world tourism has been resilient and growing . Tourism does account for a major part of the economy with 3.1m jobs in 2013 and 9.6% of all jobs in the UK and a contribution to the GDP of the country of £126.9 billion accounting for 9.0% of UK GDP in 2013. Sales have been spurred on by overseas visitors with exports of £24bn ( tourist products , services ,ect) and a further £6.7 billion in tax revenue . (Deloitte, Oxford Economics,2013). Further potential growth by 2025 with an increase in international demand by +6.1% and an outbound demand of +1.5% with a domestic demand as well of +3.0%. A potential growth of 630,000 tourism jobs and an increase to the GDP of UK of 9.9% (Deloitte, Oxford Economics,2013). Tourism Products In the UK

Product Areas that are currently in place
Food and Drink
Whisky Tourism is an early initiative in Scotland through Whisky bars and Whisky Embassies to promote Whisky together with the tourism industry as a drive to promote the UK and Scotland and to bring more tourism revenue and as a result an increase in number of whisky consumers (Jura ,2008). This has been obtained in the last phase of 2007-2010 which not only promoted Scotland throught Whisky embassies but also blending these with golf courses . The promotion was done through Whisky Bars, Embassies , Ambassadors . It has achieved 770 participants in Whisky training schools held in Scotland since 2003, whisky embassy’s with 88 business thought Scotland and 16 Whisky bars in Edinburgh and Glasgow . Promotion of the Scottish coasts through Whisky Coast that marketed 16 distilleries through tour operators thus not only promoting the coast but also tourism(Jura ,2008). According to data from IPS Surveys of 2006,07 and 08 visitors had undertaken the activity of eating in restaurants at61% and a significant proportion of them visited pubs 40% where New Zealanders(68%), Australians 64%, ,Sweden 53% , Canadians 52% ,and many other western nations but there is a need to consider that other nations pubs are not popular due to cultural or religios differences where visitors frequented pubs at a smaller percentage 9% from Pakistan , Saui Arabia 15% , Egypt 16% and India 16%.(VisitBritain,2010). Shopping

Shopping is a part of tourism from buying tickets for flights, entrances and services but there is a category that enjoys shopping. Shopping for clothes / accessories accounts for 45% and souvenirs 34% and the most inclined nations to do so were Malaysians at 58% , Finns with 53% and Brazilians at 49% however visitors from Ireland 22% and Switzerland 27% were unlikely to do this . (VisitBritain,2010).

Rural Activities
With 14% of visitors expressing the wish to visit the coastline or countryside however due tot the long distance of travel most wanted to see both or more of the country with 33% leaning towards coastline and 35 countryside from New Zealand following suit would be the Canadians with 26% and South Africans with 24%.(VisitBritain,2010). Culture and Heritage Tourism

The United Kingdom is full of culture and heritage , this has been found to be of major interest to tourists as a tourism product. Bringing a total of 51 million visits to it’s historic properties . And according to Oxford Economics (2013) Heritage based tourism brings to the economy £16 billion Including Nature Heritage . In terms of Heritage and Culture it puts the UK on the Nation Brands Index to be the fourth nation out of a total of fifty with another place in 4th for contemporary culture and 7th in heritage....

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