Tourism in Mozambique

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Tourism in countries with touristic future: How is it possible to develop tourism in Mozambique?


* Relevance of the proposed research to business research

Mozambique today, has remarkable touristic trumps. The country offers its historical heritage, beautiful landscapes, its wild flora and fauna, beaches and ecotourism possibilities. But the armed conflict that took place between the years 1973 and 1992 ended the tourism as well the effort of the conservation of the wild life. Since the end of the civil war, travelers are regaining little by little trust and the Mozambique has now a unique occasion to modernize its touristic industry.

The figures of international tourists arrival has strongly increase since it has been measured for the first time in 1999, at this time the figure was 240 000. Following the OMT figures, 578 000 tourists have been in Mozambique in 2005, or 23% more than 2004. Most of the visitors came from the region, of which a third came from South Africa. In 2005, the tourist recipes reached $130 millions, or 103% more than in 2004 ($64 millions), and they are increasing on average 15% per year. Following the data actually available on the capacity of accommodation of the country, there are approximately 7700 beds, with a rate of occupation of less than 40%. The capital, Maputo in term of rate of occupation is about half.

In 2003, tourism only represents 1.2% of the GDP, or less more than half of the average of Sub-Saharan Africa (6.9%). Nevertheless it
augments of 37% in 2005 (the fastest growth rate of the world), and the Mozambique also recorded progresses in the point of view of the foreign investment, which reached today about $84 millions, this figure represent the higher than in every other sector of the economy. Tourism uses 32 000 persons, against only 19 600 in 1990. Despite those encouraging signs, it stills a lot to do to develop tourism in Mozambique.

* Justification of the chosen topic

Coming myself from Mozambique I have a real interest in this country, not only because I was born there but yes because I believe this country has a good potential in very different area but the one which interest me the most is the touristic one. When I was younger I travelled to Mozambique without really caring about the subject, but after having following my studies in tourism I start to see things differently. With the knowledge I have gained through those 2 years I have been able to see myself the resources Mozambique has to offer at the touristic level and it could be developed in order to do that. I informed myself about the facilities, the tourist products we could actually enjoy and buy there. In addition to that I also made some researches in the frame of my practices in firms during my formation. So when I was there I have been able to see the products we can actually buy regarding Mozambique in booklets or even on the professional’s sites. After seeing that there is not a tourism product about Mozambique I also saw that the only offers about Mozambique were extensions of 1 or 2 days in addition to the trip itself and that in all kind of booklets and every time in the same 2 or 3 hotels. So I have been able to see myself the lack of offers about the destination. * Value of this research

This is why on my point of view it would be a major advantage for the country to develop tourism and at the same time help to develop the country. In fact, between all the sectors in Africa, tourism is the one that is developing itself faster and it is now the investment option the more profitable. The continent, only receive 4.8% of all the world tourist arrival, what places it outside the tourist core, Nevertheless this modest proportion is important for Africa. The tourist distribution is irregular in the continent: a third for the Maghreb, a third for South Africa and less more than a third to oriental Africa and the rest to the...

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