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Table of Contents
Table of Contents 2 2 2
Introduction 3
Tourism Industry of Egypt 4
Rationale for Selection of the Country 4
GDP of Egypt 5
Overview of the Tourism Industry 6
Role of the Private Sectors 8
Natural Change and Climatic Conditions 8
Theoretical Framework 9
TALC Model and Egypt 9
Carrying Capacity Factor 12
Dependency Factor and Its Consequences 12
Threats to the Future Development of Egypt Tourism Industry 13
Recommendations 17

Tourism in an interdisciplinary field, which influences the sectors of hotels, resorts, airlines, restaurants, tour operators, and many other domestic and international sectors. As the tourism potential of a country grows, the ability of the country to generate more foreign income and undergo rapid development changes increases (Goeldner & Ritchie 2011). Not only the public sectors of a country are affected by its rate of tourism, but private sectors are also equally affected (Buhalis & Costa 2006). The hospitality industry is directly dependent on the tourism support of the industry. Foreigners, when come to visit a place, they tend to book rooms in hotels rather than renting a house. This is where a major chunk of the hotel industry is generated. Tourism has received substantial attention over the last few decades, emerging as one of the predominant income sources of a. European countries have outshined other countries with the steady growth in their tourism sector over the years. However, the vitality of the tourism is not limited to the Western countries alone as pronounced development and growth can be seen in a number of Asian and African countries (Brotherton 2008). Egypt, the chosen country for the research, has become one of the popular destinations for foreign visitors; primarily because of its historical

References: Sleiman, M 2014 ‘Egypt announces plans to revive flagging tourism sector’, viewed on 20 May 21, 2014 <> Trading Economics 2014 ‘Egypt GDP, viewed on 20 May 21, 2014

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