Topics: Tourism, Human Development Index, African Development Bank Pages: 9 (1776 words) Published: May 21, 2014
If Africa is to be successful in competing in the international tourism market, standards of excellence must be introduced. In order for Africa to facilitate progress in implementing good tourism development there are key issues facing the continent that need to be addressed. These issues are; Comprehensive government policies for tourism,

Public health and safety,
Capacity building,
Environmental mitigation and protection.
State capacity-building is a critical aspect of creating conditions for development. The government has a major role to play in promoting economic growth and development, and in implementing poverty reduction programmes. However the problem in Africa is that governments lack the capacity to fulfill this role. As a consequence, many countries lack the necessary policy and regulatory frameworks for private sector led growth. They lack capacity to implement programmes, even when funding is available. The Tourism Receipts Pie

It is for this reason that development programmes initiated by the government must be preceded by an assessment of capacity, followed by the provision of appropriate support. Key issues that need to be addressed are: Comprehensive Policy Framework for Tourism

Given the high competition between destinations, governments of countries in Africa need to have a specific policy for tourism. African countries need a mechanism that forges links and fosters partnerships with developed countries. Tourism investors, whether foreign or domestic, will be attracted to invest in the tourism sector in a country or destination if the policy framework is conducive to private sector investments. Governments should create macro-economic policies that create such an environment.

Mainly targeting transactional cots in production of goods and services. Transportation energy make up the largest proportion of indirect costs for businesses, weighing heavily on the competitiveness of firms in most African countries in which investment climate surveys were conducted. Tourism like most economic activities is dependent on infrastructure in order to thrive. Furthermore, unlike other activities, the absence of any one infrastructure service can seriously harm the marketability of the tourism product. Access to the country and specifically to the destination, are as important are as important to the client as availability of water and power at the destination. If sewage and solid waste management systems are not adequate, ultimately the quality and resource base of the asset is damaged. Increasingly, telecommunications are vital for marketing, promotion and sale of the tourism product and to meet the demands for entertainment or business needs of visitors. Technology needs to be improved in Africa because it has a major impact on marketing and on the structure of the tourism industry. All sections of the tourism industry are information technology and cannot survive today without it. Tourism has become an information intensive industry, in which the speed and efficiency with which information is processed in every aspect of the industry has grown exponentially since the information age began. Tourists can now determine the price and availability of their preferred destination in minutes from their computer terminal. Technology will enable potential visitors to Africa to take a virtual tour of their hotel and the resort as a whole, as well as the natural assets they will visit. Africa like European countries needs more of the destination management systems (DMS). At the same time, the technology should increase demand for tourism through greater transparency about price quality of the product offered as well as make destinations more competitive with each other. The specific requirements for tourism include the formulation of standards and norms for water quality and disposal, especially in coastal and other fragile natural resource areas. If Africa had the same basic...
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