Total Quality Project Management

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Assignment 1

Part 1

Chapter 1

1. Why is there a new or renewed interest in the field of project management? Today’s companies, governments, and nonprofit organizations are recognizing that to be successful, they need to be conversant with and use modern project management techniques. Individuals are realizing that to remain competitive in the workplace, they must develop skills to become good project team members and project managers. They also realize that many of the concepts of project management will help them in their everyday lives as they work with people and technology on a day-to-day basis.

2. What is a project, and what are its main attributes? How is a project different from what most people do in their day-to-day jobs?

A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result.

The project attributes are as follows:
It has a unique purpose
It is temporary
It is developed using progressive elaboration
It requires resources, often from various areas
It should have a primary customer or sponsor
It involves uncertainty

Projects are different from day-to-day activities because they have focused goals and definite beginning and ending dates. Operation is work done to sustain the business while projects end when their objectives have been reached or when project has been terminated.

3. What is project management? Briefly describe the project management framework, providing examples of stakeholders, knowledge areas, tools and techniques, and project success factors.

Project management is “the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements”

A framework helps us to understand the project management, they are listed as follows:

Project stakeholders are the people involved in or affected by project activities and include the project sponsor, project team, support staff, customers, users, suppliers, and even opponents of the project. These stakeholders often have very different needs and expectations. For example, building a new house is a well-known example of a project.

Project management knowledge areas describe the key competencies that project managers must develop. For example, during project start-up, the project management team defines the scope of work and develops a preliminary schedule and conceptual budget.[6]

Project management tools and techniques assist project managers and their teams in carrying out work in all nine knowledge areas. For example, some popular time management tools and techniques include Gantt charts, project network diagrams, and critical path analysis.

Project success, there are several ways to define project success. The list that follows outlines a few common criteria for measuring the success of a project. For example upgrading 500 desktop computers within three months for $300,000.

4. What is a program? What is a project portfolio? Discuss the relationship between projects, programs, and portfolio management and the contributions they each make to enterprise success.

A program is a group of related projects managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits and control not available from managing them individually.

Portfolio management is the centralized management of one or more portfolios, and it includes identifying, prioritizing, authorizing, managing, and controlling projects, programs, and other related work in order to obtain specific strategic business objectives of the organization. Just as a program is managed by a program manager, a portfolio is managed by a portfolio manager. [1]

5. What is the role of the project manager? What are suggested skills for all project managers and for information technology project managers? Why is leadership so important for project managers? How is the job market for information technology project managers?

A project manager can have many different job...
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